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Email gateway can be owned by dealer or leased from platform owner.

Own email gateway: Now supported only SMTP provider.

  "id": 2, //unique ID
  "leasable": false,
  "label": "Paas gate",
  "provider": "smtp",
  "params": {
        "default_from_address": "[email protected]",
        "mail.smtp.user": null,
        "mail.smtp.password": null,
        "": "localhost",
        "mail.smtp.port": 25,
        "mail.smtp.ssl.port": 465,
        "mail.smtp.ssl.trust_all_hosts": false,
        "mail.smtp.auth": true,
        "mail.debug": false,
        "mail.smtp.starttls.enable": false,
        "mail.smtp.starttls.required": false,
        "mail.smtp.use_ssl": false,
        "mail.smtp.timeout": 60000,
        "mail.smtp.connectiontimeout": 60000,
        "mail.transport.protocol": "smtp"

Leasable email gateway:

     "id": 1,
     "label": "Platform gate",
     "default_from_address": "[email protected]"

Last update: August 21, 2020