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Dealer get info

API call to get information about a dealer.

API actions

API path: panel/dealer/.


Gets information about dealer's tariff, balance, available features, etc.

required permissions: base: "get_dealer_info".


Only session hash.


curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"hash": "fa7bf873fab9333144e171372a321b06"}'


    "success": true,
    "id": 9000,
    "seller_id": 3,
    "parent_dealer_id": 5001,
    "contract_type": "PAAS",
    "tariff_id": 5,
    "tariff": {
        "id": 5,
        "name": "PaaS Tariff",
        "type": "monthly",
        "currency": "RUB",
        "license_price": null,
        "min_license_pay": null,
        "vat": false,
        "trial": false,
        "premium_gis": true,
        "service_prices": {
            "incoming_sms": 2.0,
            "outgoing_sms": 0.95,
            "service_sms": 0.95,
            "phone_call": 15,
            "traffic": 1.5            
        "store_period": "P3Y"
    "demo_tariff": false,
    "tracker_tariff_end_date": "2015-12-31",
    "store_period": "P6M",
    "demo_ends": null,
    "title": "Navixy Demo",   
    "block_status": "NOT_BLOCKED",
    "legal_name": "Company",
    "active_amount": 99,
    "active_amount_own": 80,
    "active_amount_subpaas": 19,
    "active_limit": 100,
    "locale": "en_US",
    "domain" : "",
    "favicon": "paas/5001/custom.ico",
    "logo": "paas/5001/logo.png",
    "enable_trackers": true,
    "enable_cameras": false,
    "paas_activation_date": "2015-03-01",
    "license_balance": 0.0,
    "seller_currency": "USD",
    "features": [
    "default_user_time_zone": "Europe/London"
  • id - int. Dealer id.
  • parent_dealer_id - int. An ID of parent dealer.
  • contract_type - enum. Contract type: "PARTNER", "AGENT" or "PAAS".
  • tariff_id - int. PaaS tariff id.
  • tariff - PaaS tariff info.
    • license_price - nullable double. Price per license.
    • min_license_pay - nullable double. Minimum license payment.
    • trial - boolean. If true the plan is Trial.
    • premium_gis - boolean. If true premium GIS enabled for the partner.
    • store_period - string. Max data store period for users.
  • demo_tariff - boolean. true for "TRIAL" PaaS tariffs.
  • store_period - string. Max data store period for users on demo_tariff.
  • demo_ends - string. TRIAL period end date or null.
  • block_status - enum. Panel and PaaS users block status. One of: "NOT_BLOCKED", "INITIAL_BLOCK", "BLOCK_LOGIN" or "CLIENTS_BLOCKED".
  • legal_name - string. Dealer legal name.
  • active_amount - int. Amount of all active trackers (with Sub-PaaSes).
  • active_amount_own - int. Amount of active trackers (without Sub-PaaSes).
  • active_amount_subpaas - int. Amount of Sub-PaaSes' active trackers.
  • active_limit - int. Active trackers limit.
  • locale - enum. Dealer's default locale.
  • domain - string. Dealer's domain.
  • favicon - string. Path or URL to dealer's interface favicon or null.
  • logo - string. Path or URL to dealer's logotype or null.
  • paas_activation_date - string. Date of activation pay.
  • features - string array. Set of the allowed dealer features.
  • default_user_time_zone - string. Time zone id for new users to be created via user/upload. Also, this zone will be selected by default when creating a new user in the Navixy Admin Panel.


  • 201 - Not found in the database.

Last update: November 15, 2023