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Getting route with Progorod

API call for getting the route to destination point using Progorod router.

API actions

API path: /route/progorod.


Gets route points using Progorod router.


name description type
start Location JSON object. Start of route. JSON object
end Location JSON object. End of route. JSON object
waypoints Optional. List of transitional points. [{locationA},{locationN}]. array of JSON objects
point_limit Optional. If specified, the returned route will be simplified to contain this number of points (or less). Min=2. int
minsize Optional. Default=5. Smoothing parameter in conventional meters. Not recommended to set it less than distance between two neighbouring pixels on current zoom. double
use_traffic Optional. Default=false If it is false then use mode=optimal and use traffic=0, else mode=comfort and use traffic=1. boolean

Where location described in data types description section. Order of waypoints may be changed.


    "success": true,
    "distance": 1340584,
    "time": 43500,
    "list": [{"lat": 34.178868, "lng": -118.599672}, {"lat": 31.738386, "lng": -106.453854}],
    "key_points": [{
      "id": 123,
      "lat": 35.365948,
      "lng": -108.112104
  • distance - int. Length in meters.
  • time - int. Duration in seconds.
  • list - list of route points. Location objects.
  • key_points - list of points corresponding to start point, waypoints and end point (in that sequence).
    • id - int. index in points list.
    • lat - float. Latitude.
    • lng - float. Longitude.


  • 215 - External service error.
  • 218 - Malformed external service parameters – Contains info about error:
    "success": false,
    "status": {
        "code": 218,
        "description": "Malformed external service parameters"
    "errors": [{
        "type": "malformed",
        "point": "start",
        "index": 3
  • type - enum. Type of error. One of: "not_set", "malformed" and "isolated".
  • point - enum. Error point. One of: "start", "end", "waypoint" and "all".
  • index - int. Passed only for a waypoint. Index of bad point in waypoints array.

Last update: January 15, 2024