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Check-ins are created using Mobile Tracker App (Android / iOS). They contain date/time, address, coordinates and additional information (comment, photo, filled form) which is provided by app user after pressing the "Check-in" in the tracker app. Using check-ins field personnel can provide information to their HQ while on site. For example, provide photo proof of the work done, or notify about a malfunction along with filled form describing the problem.

Check-ins cannot be created using web API, so all actions are read-only.

<checkin> is:

    "id": 1, //identifier
    "marker_time": "2017-03-15 12:36:27", // non-null, time of check-in creation
    "user_id": 111, // non-null, id of the master user
    "tracker_id": 222, // non-null, id of the tracker which created this check-in
    "employee_id": 333, // optional, id of the employee assigned to the tracker
    "location": {   // non-null, location associated with this check-in marker
        "lat": 56.5,
        "lng": 60.5,
        "address": "Moltkestrasse 32", // address of the location
        "precision": 150
    "comment": "houston, we have a problem", // optional, comment provided by app user
    "files": [<checkin_file>, ...], // non-null, may be empty   
    "form_id": 23423, //id of the form which was sent along with check-in, can be null
    "form_label": "Service request form" //label of the form which was sent along with check-in, can be null

<checkin_file> is:

    "id": 16, // file id
    "storage_id": 1,
    "user_id": 12203,
    "type": "image", // "image" or "file"
    "created": "2017-09-06 11:54:28", // date when file was created
    "uploaded": "2017-09-06 11:55:14", // date when file was uploaded, can be null if file is not yet uploaded
    "name": "lala.jpg", // filename
    "size": 72594, // in bytes. If file not uploaded, show maximum allowed size for upload
    "mime_type": "image/png",
    "metadata": nullable, <metadata_object>,
    "state": "uploaded", // can be "created", "in_progress", "uploaded", "deleted"
    "download_url": "", // actual url at which file is available. Can be null if file is not yet uploaded

<metadata_object> is:

 "orientation":  <int, image exif orientation>,

API actions

API path: /checkin.


Get check-in which id is equal to checkin_id. Required tariff features: checkin.


name description type format
checkin_id id of the check-in entry int 123456



    "success": true,
    "value": <checkin>


  • 7 – Invalid parameters
  • 204 – Entity not found – when the marker entry is not exists


Gets marker entries on map for trackers and for the specified time interval. Required tariff features: checkin.


name description type example
trackers array of tracker ids. all trackers must not be deleted or blocked (if list_blocked=false). Optional. If not specified, all available trackers will be used as value. array of ints [123456,223456,...]
from start date/time for searching. Optional. date/time 2020-01-01 00:00:00
to end date/time for searching. must be after "from" date. Optional. date/time 2020-02-02 00:00:00
conditions optional, search conditions to apply to list. Array of search conditions, see Search conditions. Allowed fields are employee, location, marker_time, comment
sort optional, offset, default is 0 string[], list of sort expressions. See below. ["location=asc", "marker_time=desc"]
limit optional, max number of records to return int
offset optional, offset (starting index of first returned record), default is 0. int
format Optional. If empty, JSON will be returned. Otherwise server will return file download in specified format. Can be "pdf" or "xlsx" string pdf

It's a set of sort options. Each option is a pair of field name and sorting direction, e.g. ["location=asc", "employee=desc", "marker_time=desc"]. Possible fields: employee, location, marker_time, comment.

example[616384,345623]&from=2020-08-05 03:06:00&to=2020-09-05 03:00:00&offset=20&limit=100&format=xlsx


    "success": true,
    "list": [<checkin>, ... ], // list of check-ins
    "count": 22 //total number of checkins (ignoring offset and limit)


  • 7 – Invalid parameters
  • 211 – Requested time span is too big (more than maxReportTimeSpan config option)
  • 217 – The list contains non-existent entities – if one of the specified trackers does not exist, is blocked or doesn't have required tariff features
  • 221 – Device limit exceeded (if device limit set for the user's dealer has been exceeded)


Delete checkins with the specified id-s.

required subuser rights: checkin_update


name description type format
checkin_ids array of checkin ids. array of ints [123456,223456,...]



    "success": true


  • 7 – Invalid parameters
  • 201 - Not found in database - checkins with the specified ids don't exist or their corresponding trackers are not available to current subuser

Last update: October 23, 2020