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User personal info

Contains user personal info update API call.

API actions

API path: /user/personal_info.


Updates user personal info.

Require a plugin with id=45.


  • legal_type – string. Either "legal_entity", "sole_trader" or "individual".
  • first_name – string. Contact person first name.
  • middle_name – string. Contact person middle name.
  • last_name – string. Contact person last name.
  • phone – string. 0-15 digits. Optional. Contact phone. Not changes if not passed.
  • post_country – string. Optional. Country part of user's post address.
  • post_index – string. Optional. Index part of user's post address.
  • post_region – string. Optional. Region part of user's post address.
  • post_city – string. Optional. City from post address.
  • post_street_address – string. Optional. User's post address,

and for legal_entity or sole_trader:

  • iec – string. Industrial Enterprises Classifier aka "KPP". Used in Russia. For legal_entity only.
  • legal_name – string. User legal (juridical) name. For legal_entity only.
  • okpo_code - string, optional, 8 or 10 characters maximum. All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations. Used in Russia.
  • registered_country – string. Country part of user's registered address.
  • registered_index – string. Index part of user's registered address.
  • registered_region – string. Region part of user's registered address.
  • registered_city – string. City from registered address.
  • registered_street_address – string. User's registered address.
  • state_reg_num - string, optional, 15 characters maximum. State registration number. E.g. EIN in the USA, OGRN in Russia.
  • tin – string. Taxpayer identification number.


curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"hash": "22eac1c27af4be7b9d04da2ce1af111b", "first_name": "Charles", "middle_name": "Henry", "last_name": "Pearson", "legal_type": "legal_entity", "phone": "491761234567", "post_country": "Germany", "post_index": "61169", "post_region": "Hessen", "post_city": "Wiesbaden", "post_street_address": "Marienplatz 2", "registered_country": "Germany", "registered_index": "61169", "registered_region": "Hessen", "registered_city": "Wiesbaden", "registered_street_address": "Marienplatz 2", "state_reg_num": "12-3456789", "tin": "1131145180", "legal_name": "E. Biasi GmbH", "iec": "", "okpo_code": ""}'


{ "success": true }


  • 222 - Plugin not found – when plugin 45 not available for user.

Last update: December 26, 2022