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Contains API call to get dealer info and dealer-specific UI settings.

API actions

API path: /dealer.


Gets dealer info and dealer-specific UI settings by a domain or hash.

It doesn't require authentication and available in UNAUTHORIZED access level.


name description type
domain Dealer's monitoring interface domain, e.g. "". string
hash Used instead of a domain to identify a dealer if there is a user session string

Params domain and hash is not required both, but one of them must be specified. If hash is specified the domain shouldn't be used.


curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"hash": "22eac1c27af4be7b9d04da2ce1af111b", "domain": ""}'


    "success": true,
    "dealer": {
        "id": 5001,
        "ui_domain": "",
        "company_url": ""
    "settings": {
        "domain" : "",
        "service_title": "Navixy Demo",
        "locale": "at_AT",
        "demo_login": "demo",
        "demo_password": "demo",
        "maps": ["roadmap", "osm"],
        "default_map": {
            "type": "roadmap",
            "location": {
                "lat": 57.0,
                "lng": 61.0
            "zoom": 10
        "currency": "EUR",
        "payment_link": "", 
        "promo_url": "",
        "google_client_id": "clientID",
        "favicon": "paas/5001/custom.ico",
        "logo": "paas/5001/logo.png",
        "app_logo": "paas/5001/app_logo.png",
        "login_wallpaper": "paas/5001/login.png",
        "desktop_wallpaper": "",
        "monitoring_logo": "",
        "login_footer": "All rights reserved.",
        "allow_registration": true,
        "show_mobile_apps" : true,
        "show_call_notifications" : true,
        "default_user_settings": {
            "geocoder": "google",
            "route_provider": "progorod",
            "measurement_system": "metric",
            "translit": false
        "display_model_features_link" : true,
        "color_theme": "aqua",
        "app_color_theme": "blue_1",
        "privacy_policy_link": "http://privacy-policy-url",
        "tos": "Terms Of Service text",
        "tracker_model_filter": {
            "exclusion": true,
            "values": []
        "internal": {
            "light_registration": true,
            "demo_tracker_source_id": 14,
            "demo_tracker_label": "Demo tracker"
        "no_register_commands": false
    "demo_ends": "2014-01-01",
    "premium_gis": true,
    "features": ["branding_web"],
    "platform": {
        "iso_datetime_support": true,
        "history.max_limit": 10,
        "report.max_time_span": "P90D",
        "stats.max_allowed_trackers": 128,
        "stats.max_time_span": "P31D",
        "file_storage.hard_max_file_size": 16777216,
        "form.max_fields_count": 128,
        "form.file_field.max_file_size": 16777216,
        "form.file_field.max_files_per_field": 6,
        "form.file_field.max_count": 16
  • id - int. Dealer's ID.
  • ui_domain - string. Dealer's UI domain.
  • company_url - string. Dealer's promo site URL.
  • settings - object. Custom settings. May be null if dealer has not set any custom settings.
    • domain - string. The same as dealer.ui_domain.
    • service_title - string. Title of the service.
    • locale - enum. Default locale of the dealer.
    • demo_login - string. Dealer's login for demo user or empty string if no demo user available.
    • demo_password - string. Dealer's password for demo user or empty string if no demo user available.
    • maps - string array. List of available maps, e.g. ["roadmap", "cdcom", "osm", "wikimapia", "yandexpublic", "hybrid", "satellite"].
    • default_map - object. Default map settings.
    • type - enum. Default map type.
    • location - object. Default map center location.
    • lat - float. Latitude.
    • long - float. Longitude.
    • zoom - int. Default map zoom level.
    • currency - enum. Dealer's currency ISO 4217 code.
    • payment_link - string. PaaS-dependent link that can be used to refill user's account. Can be null or empty.
    • promo_url - string. Customizable "About company" url.
    • google_client_id - string. Client ID which must be used to work with Google API or null.
    • favicon - string. Path or URL to dealer's interface favicon.
    • logo - string. Path or URL to dealer's logotype.
    • app_logo - string. Nullable, path or URL to dealer's mobile app logotype.
    • login_wallpaper - string. Path or URL to dealer's interface login wallpaper.
    • desktop_wallpaper - string. Path to dealer's interface wallpaper or null.
    • monitoring_logo - string. Path to dealer's interface monitoring logo or null.
    • login_footer - string. Footer which will be included in login page.
    • allow_registration - boolean. If true then registration is available for dealer's users. All HTML special chars escaped using HTML entities.
    • show_mobile_apps - boolean. If true then mobile applications are available for dealer's users.
    • show_call_notifications - boolean. If true then call notifications are available for dealer's users.
    • geocoder - enum. Default geocoder.
    • route_provider - enum. Default router.
    • measurement_system - enum. Measurement system.
    • display_model_features_link - boolean. When true show in model info link to (UI option).
    • color_theme - enum. Color theme code or empty string (for default theme).
    • app_color_theme - enum. Mobile app color theme code or empty string (for default theme).
    • tos - string. Terms of service text.
    • tracker_model_filter - object. A filter which describes tracker models available for registration.
    • exclusion - boolean. If true models in the values will be excluded.
    • values - string array. If it is empty - all models available.
    • internal - object with additional options.
    • light_registration - boolean. If true use "very simple" registration with demo tracker.
    • demo_tracker_source_id - int. An ID of tracker created on light_registration.
    • demo_tracker_label - string. Label of tracker created on light_registration.
    • no_register_commands - boolean. If true then do not send commands to devices on activation.
  • demo_ends - string. A date when demo for this dealer ends. Is null when dealer is not on Trial tariff.
  • premium_gis - boolean. If true dealer has Premium GIS package.
  • features - string array. Set of the allowed features for a dealer (all list see below in "Dealer features").
  • platform - key-value object. Global platform settings.
    • iso_datetime_support - boolean, if true platform supports ISO 8601 date/time format.
    • history.max_limit - int, max limit for history list actions.
    • report.max_time_span - ISO8601 period, max timespan for reports generation.
    • stats.max_allowed_trackers - int, max allowed trackers for stats actions.
    • stats.max_time_span - ISO8601 period,max timespan for stats actions.
    • file_storage.hard_max_file_size - long, hard max file size in bytes for uploading files to the file storage.
    • form.max_fields_count - integer, max fields per form.
    • form.file_field.max_file_size - long, max file size in bytes for the form file.
    • form.file_field.max_files_per_field - integer, max files per form field.
    • form.file_field.max_count - integer, max file fields per form.

Dealer features

name description
branding_web Allow to use custom logos, color theme, domain and favicon in UI for web version.
branding_mobile Allow to use custom icon, logo, color theme in the mobile applications.
subpaas Allow to use Sub-Dealers (can be used only together with navixy_label).
navixy_label Show "Powered by Navixy" in UI (required for subpaas feature).


  • 12 – Dealer not found (if corresponding dealer not found in the database).
  • 201 – Not found in the database (if there is no Ui settings data for corresponding dealer).

Last update: January 22, 2023