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Parse spreadsheet file (.xlsx, .xls, .csv) and store it in internal storage.


name description type
file File to upload. file
preview_count Size of preview. Min=1, max=20. int
parse_header Parse first row as header. boolean
header_map If parse_header is true should contains map of matching column name to field identifier, {"Label": "label", "Latitude": "lat"}. JSON object

If parse_header is set to true, first row of the uploaded file will be treated as header corresponding to given header_map.


    "file_id": "568539",
    "header": ["header1", "header2"],
    "preview": ["preview of file 1", "preview of file 2"]
  • file_id - string. Unique file id.
  • header - optional string array. List of files' headers.
  • preview - string array. First N rows of file.


  • 234 – Invalid data format.

Last update: April 21, 2021